NetObjects Fusion 2015


Eric Emma Pete_2

Hello to all my Kiwi friends.

Looking forward very much to visiting your lovely country again and inflicting my songs on all of you who hope to attend one of my concerts, and probably on some innocent bystanders as well.

I’ve written quite a few new songs since I last toured New Zealand. And when was that I hear you ask? I can’t really remember, I never was good with dates, but I think it was when Piggy Muldoon was your prime Minister. No, couldn’t be that long surely, I think that was the first time I toured New Zealand, not the last.

Anyway, your taste in Prime Ministers has definitely improved since then, and I hope Jacinda comes to one of my concerts, she likes music so I hear. Might not like my sort of music though….. doesn’t matter really, my main hope is not that Jacinda attends one of my concerts, but that you still have hokey-pokey ice cream for sale in your country. Oh, and Bluff oysters as well……hopefully, Covid permitting, we (Pete Titchener, Emma Luker and myself) will see you October/November this year